Formal registration is now open.  We register/recruit through September, so there is still plenty of time to get involved. Our first major event this year is Swamp Fox.

As for signing up, here is the basic process:

1. Decide which Circle you want to join.  If you know someone else in the program, ask them which circle they are in and we can be sure you get put in the same circle. That way you know some folks right out of the chute.  If you do not know someone in the program, just contact the circle leaders below and they will help assign you to a circle.

2. Register for the program via the YMCA website. 
---->Register HERE<----
***Both the child and the parent need to be registered and paid for this program***

3. After registering, stop by the Marion or Downtown YMCA and pick up a "new member kit". This includes you and your child's necklace, patches, leather medallions, and red feathers.

4. Order your vest and other supplies. We suggest waiting on this until you are assigned to a circle as each circle does vests a bit different.

5. Its never too early to recruit others, please invite all your friends, neighbors, and family with kids to join the program.

The program is for girls and boys AK through 3rd grade. We have circles for girls and circles for boys. The program was originally intended for Father/Child, but we are very much supportive of having Mothers participate as well.

Our Calendar is here:

A description of all the major events is here.

Each Parent and Each Child must be registered. A summary of all the costs can be found here:

In addition to the registration fees, you will need to purchase vests and new member kits before October. You can pick up new member kits from the YMCA office. Vests can be purchased from the Patch Store below.

Note: Each circle does vests a little different, so don't purchase those until you speak with the appropriate Circle Leader.