FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We will be happy to answer any questions that you have. We want you to be comfortable in our program and want you and your child get the most you can from Adventure Guides. Please contact us.

Circle Placement
Once we receive your registration we will place you in a Girls or Boys circle depending upon if you have a 
daughter or son entering the program. Your circle leader (navigator) will call and or e-mail you shortly after we 
place you. He will let you know the circle’s next monthly activity and get you a roster of the circle members.

We will try to put you into a circle based on the school your child attends.
If you know another family in our program and want to be in their circle, please indicate this on your registration form, and we will place you in that circle.
We also assign circles based on the day or night they usually have their monthly activities. If you have a specific schedule (work nights or weekends) let us know.
Your circle will consist of 4 to 12 parent – child combinations. These people become your “family” through our program. Both the dads and children make great friends through their circle interactions.

Other Common Questions
Q) I heard this program was for Fathers only, is this true? 
A) Mothers and women family members are welcome to participate in all activities.  We welcome everyone to the program no matter their particular family circumstances.  Our program can support everyone's desire to enjoy the program events and benefits.

Q) Will my boys/girls be involved in the same activities (ex: same time, same groups, etc.). I see there are different ‘Boy/Girls Circles’ and was wondering about how parents with multiple kids handled the program. 
A) Yes all kids are involved in the same activities. I have two kids in the program now and will have 3 next fall (2 boys and 1 girl). The different circles allow for smaller events throughout the year and also allow for the kids to better bond and make friendships. The Circles also have friendly competitions at the Spring and Fall campouts.

Q) I see that the groups meet twice a month. Is one meeting for the activity and what is involved with the other meeting?
A) One event is for the Nation (collection of boys and girls circles) and is open to everyone. All circles (boys and girls) also have a monthly meeting at a parents house or hold a smaller "event" that is typically just open to the immediate circle members. Circle meetings usually last 1-2 hours and involve a craft or game and snacks at someone's house.  Many times people also use circle meetings to tour police departments, fire houses, etc. 

Q) How many boys/girls are involved in the program?
A) Circle size various. My Apache boys circle is about 9 boys and 8 dad's. I have seen circles get as large as 20 boys.  Usually after they get that size, we create a new circle to ensure circles do not get too large. Right now we have about 20 boys and 20 girls in the program. If you include parents, that puts our nation size at around 100 people. Parents are an integral part of the program so we always include them in our numbers. If you include the Adventure Expedition program (kids in 4th-8th grades) I would say our numbers are closer to 150-200.
Q) How often do circles meet?
A) Circles meet monthly August through May.
Q) What is involved in a circle meeting?
A) Circle members will get together to do a craft, tour a fire station, do a community service project, go on a hayrack ride, etc. Events are varied and usually hosted by a different family each month.
Q) How long do the monthly circle meetings last?
A) About an hour to an hour and a one half.
Q) Do circle events cost anything?
A) Generally, no. We do ask each parent-child group to donate $1 each meeting to help fund special group activities, awards and charitable acts. Special events may have a small fee associated with them.
Q) Do I have to attend every circle event?
A) We are casual program. We are not taking attendance. You will get more out of the program if you actively participate. We encourage you to do so.
Q) What if we don’t “connect” with our circle?
A) We have a great group of people in our program and we are confident they will welcome you and make you feel at home. If for some reason you don’t click, we will work you to place you in another circle.
Q) What is the difference between a “circle” event and a “nation” event?
A) Circle events are just your small group. Nation events bring together all of the circles. A listing of the nation events is on the calendar on this website.